Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My mom's oldest dog passed about a week ago. I felt I needed to make her a card. Maddie was a rescue puppy and about 8 years old when we got her. A couple years later, we found a lump on her chest, took her to the vet & had it removed...breast cancer. About a year later, we had to have it removed again because it had come back with avengence.
We thought we had it all....Nope. It had been spreading throughout her insides all this time. One day, my mom came home from work to find Maddie struggling to breath. She took her to the 24hr vet & they took x-rays finding it all. It had mets around her trachea (causing the problems). Surgery would kill her, she was already 12. Instead of torturing her through the pain of surgery, we had to put her down.
We all have so many memories of Maddie, hence some things on the inside might not make perfect sense. But I love it and can't wait to hear what she thinks of it.

Tree: Happily Ever After
Birds: Animal Kingdom
Puppy: Paper Pups (also cut the wings/halo off another dog & attached here) and I pop-dotted the pup so it looked like she was standing on the cloud.
Cotton ball for the clouds (don't know if you can tell or not, I lightly sprayed adhesive on the cotton & sprinkled on some clear/white glitter)
Stickles on the wings/halo & flowers (lavender & star dust)
Tag: Plantin
Tag Emboss: QuickKutz flourish through the CB
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  1. Oh this turned out beautifully...I think your mom will love it...I know that she will... its such a touching peaceful card.... it will touch her heart for sure....so glad that you made sure that I didn't miss it...its perfect!

  2. What a beautiful card. Brought tears to my eyes as I read it as we're HUGE animal lovers here as well and been through our share. We have a rottie that we rescued about 6 yrs ago and we're thinking she's about 12 now and has alot of trouble getting up and down, so we shower her with love and are thankful for each day we have her!! I am sure your mom will love this card. I did have to smile at the squirrel comment. My dogs are the same!!!