Monday, April 6, 2009

The story of my profile pic!

Okay! I love Twilight! I have only read the 1st book (shame on me, I know!) I read it before it was really popular. I only bought it because I like the cover of the book! I know, shame again! :)

I loved it!!

Still, before it was popular, a RTVF major friend of mine needed to do a storyboard for his photojournalism class. So...with the book in mind, I told him to do one like Snow White.

I was the model...or my hands were :)

The photos were, this one of me holding the apple, one of my hands picking it out of a tree, and one with a bite out & my hand and apple laying on the ground. I need to email him & see if I can get the rest of the pictures. It's been a couple years, but we'll try anyways!

But I do need to get cracking on the rest of the books! (Need to finish the one I'm reading now haha)

I love you guys!

BTW, another book series I loved was Earths Children: starting with Clan of the Cave Bear. There are 7 books in the series! I was almost in tears when I finished the last one because it was over...but there is still room for her to write more! :) C'mon Jean Auel!!

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  1. Wow, that is a neat story! I hope you can get the other pics, would love to see them!!! I'll have to chk our library for this series. I'm just not finding anything very interesting after reading the Twilight Series!