Friday, February 20, 2009

Purse Tagged

Wow! I really am starting to feel like a member of the blogging community. Especially when I got tagged and I have been receiving a few comments!

Yes, I was tagged, but unfortunately I don't know who to tag back! Well, anyways, I will just share it with you!

I was tagged by Lori at Live, Laugh, Scrap

While I was in school, I didn't carry a purse, I simply would put my wallet in my backpack & go! Now, it has been almost a year since my graduation, I kinda needed to get a few. I actually still don't have to carry one to work, I am a nurse and I keep all my resource stuff in a backpack and ,you guessed it, I put my wallet in my bag! haha!

Anyways, I got this one at Aeropostale for about $10 (yes, clearance). It's mostly my winter bag because I think it looks wintery - like a sweater! I was thinking of changing soon because this one has only the one big pocket...and that is soooo unorganized it bothers me!

OK, the rules:
1) Show a pic of the purse you are using right now - not last weekend, when you had a great date or special occasion - NO CHEATING!!!
2) Tell us how much it cost - No judgements will be made. And if there is a story behind the purse or you you got - Tell Us Please!!
Well here is my purse........

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